Transport To A’ Famosa From Singapore

Where Is A’ Famosa Located?

Inside Melaka on the southern west coast of Malaysia, you’ll find the A’ Famosa nestled into the rolling hills of the country side. The town is approximately 225km from the city of Johor Bahru. There are numerous land transport option to reach A’ Famosa but the most popular is by using private taxi, will take approximately 3 hours. Public transportation is also available but requires multiple transfers and long waiting time.


Things To Do In A’ Famosa

This Portugese fortress is one of the oldest surviving European architectural remains in South East Asia and as such is very popular among those who love history. Over the years more and more remains have been uncovered like the Bastion Middleburg which was built by the Dutch. Historical monuments and ruins are far from the only thing in town however. For those who love animals visit the Animal World Safari. You’ll get the chance to ride on a horse, elephant or camel and walk through the park filled with a variety of animals like emu, ostriches, flamingos, and even the occasional silly raccoon. You’ll get the chance to hand feed a variety of animals including the many monkey species found on Monkey Island. The area is also home to the largest water theme park in Malaysia which is perfect for children, an Old West night time carnival filled with shows and attractions, as well as a number of fun activities like horseback riding, rock climbing, archery, go karts, and paintball.

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Foods To Eat In A’ Famosa

  1. Lake View Restaurant is the perfect place to sit down after a big day of exploring Safari Wonderland. They have a wide selection of western flavours with the lunch buffet as well as a number of local Malaysian dishes.
  2. After a day at the huge water park stop by the Bistro. This food hawker style food may seem simple but the locally inspired snacks are great while having fun.
  3. If you are visiting the Old West night fare and want a full meal we recommend visiting Huang Di Chinese Restaurant, the only one found in the area.
  4. Also at the Old West night fare you’ll find Kopitiam which serves decadent fried noodles, fried rice, and Kueh Teow. You can also find a number of snacks here which are prefect for taking with you on the go.
  5. If you are craving some steak, head to The Ranch Steak House for a classic dining experience authentic to the Old West theme of the area.
  6. For a large selection of different flavours and cuisines we recommend the local food court. You’ll have a wide selection of dishes from all over at very affordable prices. Our favourite is the chicken rice which is a simple and quick snack before heading back out to explore.


Private Transport Service From Singapore To A’ Famosa

Due to the popular demand of our private car service, now we have expanded our transfer area to A’Famosa. It is a benefit with our 7-seater MPV car as we offer flexible car service according to you your travel date and location. We want to make your experience special by starting it out right – relax in our 7 to 10-seater luxury MPV vehicles with private transfer service. You may place your booking with us in advance via online booking so that we arrange your transport. An Affordable, convenient and safe ride is what we promise. We are available to provide private transfer. We look forward to getting you started on your journey!