Transport To Cameron Highlands From Singapore

Where Is The Cameron Highlands Located?

Approximately 200km from Kuala Lumpur or 540km from Johor Bahru, you’ll find the green rolling hills of The Cameron Highlands. The most common modes of transportation are private taxi and plane though public transportation is available as well though this mode of transport will ensure at least a full day trip.


What Makes The Cameron Highlands A Good Vacation Spot?

With the long distance from both Johor Bahru and Singapore it’s understandable to be hesitant to visit this faraway retreat in the mountains. However upon arriving you’ll never regret making the choice with the cooler mountain climate which provides a wonderful haven especially in the warmer summer months. The area focuses heavily on nature with plenty of places to explore.

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The Honey Bee Farm offers a unique experience to try honey at its freshest along with a variety of other products like bee pollen and royal jelly. To try some other local products right where they are made visit the strawberry farms, lavender farms, tea plantations, or vegetable farms. You can also go exploring in the Mossy Forest which covers the dipping valley and ridge with elevations over 1800 meters. For those feeling very adventurous visit at night when you’ll get an unpolluted look at the stars and milky way up above.


The 5 Best Dishes To Try In Cameron Highlands

You simply can’t travel without enjoying an assortment of the local cuisine so we’ve come up with five dishes you really should sample while in the area.

  • Steamboat

For a hearty dish try steamboat. This soup is delicious and filling served with large prawns, veggies and a variety of fillers. While out and about visit a food hawker for some of the fresh fried seafood.

  • Prawns

It is the huge prawns and whole crabs which are available at a food market in Brinchang.

  • Fried straw mushrooms

Another local street food favourite is fried straw mushrooms. While visiting the market these are an incredible snack to have on hand.

  • Sweet Potato Balls

For a slightly different and much more colourful snack try Sweet Potato Balls. With quite a variety being grown right in the area you’ll find a number of different colours from yellow, orange, and purple in different textures from a chewy dough to a fried mash.

  • Crispy apam

Finally try the crispy apam which is similar to what we found in the rest of the country but also slightly different because of the high altitude. The longer cooking time allows for a fluffier texture in the crepe as well as a chewier texture to the sugary crushed peanuts inside.


Private Transport Service From Singapore To Cameron Highlands

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