Transport To Changi Airport from Malaysia

Information About Singapore Changi Airport

As one of the largest transport hubs in Asia, you’ll find that the Changi Airport is located conveniently close to many popular destinations for travellers and tourists. About 30 to 45 minute drive from the airport will get you to Johor Bahru which is just one of the flourishing entertainment filled cities in Malaysia, the neighbouring island to Singapore. From the airport, it’s easy to visit many destinations such as Legoland Malaysia, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, The Little Big Club and Johor Premium Outlets.  Serving over 100 different airlines which fly to well over 320 cities in 80 different countries and territories around the world, Changi Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world for both passenger flights as well as cargo. The airport was ranked the best airport of 2015 according to Skytrax and serves a blend of multi-cultural ethnic races throughout the world. An astounding 6,600 flights take off every week. To put this into perspective, that is every 90 seconds!


There Are Many Transportation Options

There are a variety of different options when it comes time to plan transportation to Changi Airport from Malaysia. Public transportation such as the bus system, shuttle bus and private taxi are the most popular choices among most people. Not all of these are created equally or right for every traveller.

Opt 1: Public Buses

The public buses can be a cheap way of travel if you know the area well and can work out the different routes. However, be aware that there is no direct route from Johor Bahru or Malaysia that will get you to the airport. This means that you’ll have to take at least a few different transfers from bus to bus along the trip. If you are traveling with much luggage you’ll also have to drag this with you. If you aren’t as familiar with the area, these bus schedules can be confusing and it’s easy to get lost. This is only worse if you aren’t fluent in the local language. You are also at the mercy of the bus schedule going as planned. At times transfers don’t meet up quite on time and you might accidentally get stuck waiting at a bus terminal. With a lot of planning, the bus is a great option, but it’s not for everyone.

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Opt 2: Shuttle Service

It is true that the shuttle service is probably the cheapest option but it can also be a major headache for those not used to riding it. If you are traveling with a large group or family this added stress will be even worse. First, you have purchase tickets and will most likely have to do this via the bus. Once you have tickets for everyone traveling it is required by law that everyone go through a checkpoint which means a long line with your luggage right alongside you. Both Malaysia and Singapore have this security measure so you’ll have to do this twice. If you are traveling alone and without a lot of luggage and need to go as cheaply as possible, this might work for you. Large groups or those with more luggage than they can carry easily by themselves should rely on other means of transport.

Opt 3: Private Transport Service From Malaysia To Changi Airport

Undeniably the most comfortable and stress free means of travel is by private taxi. Let our experienced and professional drivers take your luggage, deal with traffic and prevent you from getting lost. offers affordable and comfortable private transfer service to every customers and try the best effort to make every customer satisfy. You can call us or book online anytime to reserve your private transport to enjoy hassle free trip and lessen the stress of getting to and from the airport on time. We look forward to hearing from you soon!