Transport To Genting Highlands From Singapore

Getting to Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands of the Genting Group is a resort in the hills northwest of Kuala Lumpur. The resort is located in the Titiwangsa Mountains and is high above sea level. The resort can be accessed via a bus ride, a taxi transport service or you can drive all the way from Singapore. It will be a 5 hour drive from Singapore to Genting highlands via the Access Highway 2.


Top attractions in Genting Highland

Genting Highlands was constructed and developed since the 1960s and offers various facilities such as hotels, Shopping Malls and Casino. The resort is named as the “Fun in the Peak” and “The City of Entertainment. Truly, the resort lived by the name they are known for as they offer attractions and theme parks. The hotels provide a luxurious accommodation and such hotels are, the Genting Hotel, Maxims Hotel, Theme Park Hotel and the largest hotel in the world, the First World Hotel. Take a ride at the Genting Skyway and lift your way up to see an awesome view of the surrounding. Take a trip in nature and visit Hutan Lipur Lentang and see the beauty of nature at its best. In Genting Highlands, you have the option to the places that you can visit. It could be the nature, a theme park for the whole family or in your luxurious room accommodation.

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Best Food Must Try At Genting Highlands

Food is part of our daily life even as we travel different places. Finding the right place to eat is hard to do if you are in a foreign place. So, worry no more, here are the places you could get to eat while in your Genting Highlands resort. Visit the Bubbles and bites and eat some pasta and tin crust pizza. Their meal is cheap but the taste is awesome. It is the place where you can replenish lost energy. Hungry for sandwiches and bread, head on to The Bakery, here you can eat some sandwich that you like while you can stay connected with the world with their free WIFI. Looking for a Chinese cuisine, dine in Chuan Kie Restaurant. In here you can eat Chinese food and pork meal at a reasonable price. Still, there are a lot of food and restaurant to choose from in Genting Highlands. Go and see for yourself.


Hotel In Genting Highlands

  • Resort Hotel Genting Highlands
  • Genting Grand
  • Awana Hotel
  • First World Hotel


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