Transport To Mersing Jetty From Singapore

How To Get To Mersing Jetty?

Located in northeast Johor, Mersing is a small town known for it’s laid back culture as well as it’s traditional Malaysian ethnicity. When visiting the city the traditional culture is evident and is vastly different than what you will find within the bigger city. The most convenient and easy way to reach Mersing Jetty is by private MPV taxi or own car. The journey may take about 3 hours and 55 minutes (190km) from Singapore via AH18-Jalan Jemaluang Route 3. Besides that, if you travel from Senai Airport, it is about 2 hour drive to reach Mersing Jetty.


Why Travellers Go To Mersing Jetty?

As the main departure point for all ferries visiting the array of beautiful paradise islands, Mersing Ferry Terminal is filled with people from all over the world on a daily basis. The ferries offer transport to a number of destinations like Pulau Tioman which is home to some of the best beaches not just in Malaysia or Asia but in the entire world. Time Magazine has deservedly recognized the area for its immense beauty and spectacular sightseeing opportunities for years.

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The town of Mersing itself is a meeting spot for people all over the world who are traveling to the various local islands. These islands can only be visited by going through the ferries which offer a flexible schedule for transport. You can easily schedule a boat for group travel or view the daily schedule ahead of time. If traveling alone or not wishing to purchase a private boat for your group it is important to plan in advance since time between trips can sometimes span hours. The extra effort is well worth it however when you step onto one of these islands. Words cannot describe the beauty of seeing these places first hand. While there are many islands to choose from, we recommend the following 7 islands as must see spots.

  1. Pulau Tioman
  2. Pulau Aur
  3. Pulau Besar
  4. Pulau Pemanggil
  5. Pulau Rawa
  6. Pulau Tinggi
  7. Pulau Sibu

Each Island is truly an experience in itself and varies quite differently from each other. Depending on your budget, the amount of time you have, and your interests – one or more of them is bound to fit perfectly in your vacation. While some of these islands offer a budget friendly option, you never have to worry about a less than amazing experience.

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Hotel Near Mersing Jetty

Finding a hotel in an area you don’t know well or at all can be confusing and frustrating. If you plan on visiting an island it’s possible to stay at a hotel there as well. For example you’ll find the small village of Air Batang offers several inexpensive hotel stays on the beach is located on the Coast of Pulau Tioman Island. This is a great option for those traveling light.

  • Berjaya Tioman Resort

If you’d like something classier, Berjaya Tioman Resort is one of the oldest in the area and offers a well-rounded experience.

  • Genting Village

Genting Village is another alternative and offers the most affordable and popular accommodations. The golden sandy beaches and ability to save money is even a pull for native Malaysians as well as travellers alike.


Transport Service From Singapore To Mersing Jetty

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