Transport To Tioman Island From Singapore

Getting to Tioman Island

TIME Magazine’s one of the world’s most beautiful and exotic islands in the world. Tioman Island is just a paradise and something that a man cannot create in his lifetime. You won’t believe that there is such thing as beautiful as Tioman Island. It is like heaven. It is accessible by ferry and small planes to get you there. It is located in a group of islands in Malaysia. In Johor, you will find the most exciting and popular theme park in Malaysia – Legoland Malaysia. It is less than an hour drive from the island of Singapore which is 42.6 km. You can take the public bus or taxi during your trips which is cheaper but has a lot of hassles along the way. With private MPV transport ride we can take you there in no time with just a little extra cost without the hassles of the public transport.

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What Is So Interesting About Tioman Island?

There are lots of things to be excited in Tioman Island. The place is just awesomeness and a gateway to heaven! It is because the Tioman Island is a home to many bio-diverse marine species and many protected species of mammals in the island of Tioman. There are 45 species of animals (mammals) and 138 bird species, including the Frigate-bird which is majestic and one of a kind. Legends says, Tioman Island is where the beautiful dragon princess rests while waiting for his prince from Singapore. That is why both Malaysia and Singapore has this mystical relationship with each other.

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This is the most exciting pat. Just close your eyes and think of a beach where you can experience the sunset while walking along the shores. The water is just crystal clear where you can see it from the top colored blue and green. Swim with the fish as you can see and almost touch them, a sign that the marine life is preserved from dangers of men. Beautiful and exotic sea creatures are just an ordinary sight. Enjoying your food while staring at the sea horizon – That is just wonders of the world you see.


Best Hotel In Pulau Tioman

  • Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort
  • Berjaya Tioman Resort
  • Bagus Place Retreat
  • Japamala Resort – By Samadhi
  • Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort
  • Bamboo Hill Chalets
  • Minang Cove Resort


Transport Services From Singapore To Tioman Island

There is no land ride that can take you as far as Tioman Island. Since it is an Island, it is inaccessible for land transport to take you directly to the paradise island. But,  private car transport service can take you to Mersing Ferry Terminal (Jeti Penumpang) where you need to take ferry or boat to Tioman Island with 1.5 to 2 hours journey. But the thing is, we will be ready there when you come back from your Island adventure.

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